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Данная страница содержит информацию о мною реализованных проектов в роли  Руководителя бизнес проекта или Start up менеджера или учредителя. Вес мой опыт работы можно просмотреть в Резюме (ссылка ). Также доступны примеры мною созданных бизнес планов (ссылка 1 или ссылка 2).


ООО Антипасти фуд сервис, Антипасти бар “Шоколива”, Санкт-Петербург, Россия







ООО ГУРМАНИЯ, магазин “Оливина” www.оливина.рф , Сочи, Россия.

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NGO Dessert Place (document). Or www.dessertplace.org (home page)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr_vokJLduU&list=UU9TouOT7PP2XfejZkZyK31w


Bohemian Trade Mark is concept, which connect art as marketing communication (superb result in such a place like Riga) tool and shop as trading channel. Basically this is a mechanism which gives possibility to connect different retail shops in one chain. For example, Bohemian Wine Shop, Bohemian Food Shop, Bohemian Beauty Salon, Bohemian Bar, Bohemian Closes Shop. The “Key” of this concept is possibility to use the same marketing tool and consumers in different environment and geographical location. This mechanism was created to  adapt it in different markets, it is cheaper and more rational to change already existed small retail points than build new one. Trading channel is only one of Bohemian developing lines, the second is Product Branding.

To prove my concept I made promo shop in Riga.  To give deeper opinion we made Digital tour of drink shop (pres this)


Imagine. A woman, whose beauty, is so pure on the inside & outside. The strength of thought and spirit, combined with shy sexuality. A woman, who covers her body with textile color – purple. Who, with the help of her body and the color, puts her energy on a piece of fabric, which then is processed and cut in two pieces. Smallest piece is used to make a front details for underwear, biggest piece is used to make a painting. The result is clearly unique, 12 very unique briefs and a painting. Briefs are packed in oak box with 102 nude art photo cards. From some point of view, the owner could wear a painting meanwhile getting pleasure to enjoy painting and art pictures. This set is for limited edition and could be used mainly as marketing communication tool.
As mass product, it is unique male underwear with target price 39 Euros (briefs), it is superb product from marketing communication and it already have business plan with Europe market analyze and marketing strategy. It is possible to produce around 300 000 per year. Underwear should be produced in different shapes in price range till 49 Euros. With briefs consumer get possibility to access of HD nude art pictures and short videos. As possible future of this project, I had ideas how connect art with a lot of Ready To Wear products.

This project has everything – starting from prototype, finishing with documentation ( full business plan).

More info On Google Doc or blog www.12briefsandpainting.wordpress.com

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